5 Best Solar String Lights in 2023 (Out of 10 Tested)

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If you’re thinking about using solar string lights in your backyard or special event, you’re probably overwhelmed with how many options every store carries. 

Each set of solar string lights has its own characteristics and we are here to help you sort through them to pick the best solar lights for your home. 

We studied and researched what makes the best solar string lights perfect for your home.

We then tested the top-rated solar string lights on the market and reviewed our top picks.

Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
01 Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights  Best Overall: Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights Vintage style with Edison bulbs, a waterproof and shatterproof design, durable and easy to install.  Check Price
02 AMIR Upgraded Solar String Lights Best Design: AMIR Upgraded Solar String Lights Fairy lights, perfect for making outdoor decorations twinkle. Made of high-quality materials to create a welcoming ambiance. Check Price
03 Sunlitec Waterproof Solar String Lights Best Waterproof: Sunlitec Waterproof Solar String Lights Waterproof, weatherproof and have the option to be charged through a USB port. Check Price
04 Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights Best In Power Efficiency: Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights Solar panel and a rechargeable battery keep these solar powered fairy lights glowing. 8 lighting modes. Check Price
05 PERFECTDAY Shatterproof Solar String Lights Best In Robust Design: PERFECTDAY Shatterproof Solar String Lights The larger LED bulb size puts out more light, and strings can be connected end-to-end to light a patio. Check Price

How We Chose the Best Solar String Lights

To find the best solar string lights, we first identified the top leading manufacturers that specialize in solar string lights.

We then identified the various vendors who carry these string lights and read the reviews, testimonies, and blogs to understand what customers have to say about these solar string lights. 

We narrowed down the top reviews to the top 10 solar powered string lights and put them to the test to narrow them down to the 5 best solar string lights.

We tested them for durability, length, design, installation process, and charge time.

If you’re new to the world of solar energy, we’d like to welcome you by inviting you to read our article on everything you need to know about solar.

Best Solar String Lights Reviewed

1. Best Overall: Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights 

Product Ratings

Durable 5/5
Length 5/5
Installation 5/5
Charge Time5/5

Length: 27 ft | Color: (3000k) Soft White | Brand: Brightech Ambience Pro | Occasion: Wedding | Light Source Type: LED

What We Liked

  • Easy installation
  • Durably built to last outdoors
  • Waterproof wire and LED bulbs
  • 2-year solar warranty
  • Auto on/off light sensor
  • Bulbs are replaceable

What We Didn’t Like

  • Only 12 bulbs per strand


We were particularly impressed with the overall durability and high-quality materials of these solar string lights.

These are commercial-grade weatherproof solar lights encased by shatterproof bulbs. 

The bulbs are heat resistant up to 122° F, and the entire ensemble of string, lights, and bulbs are built to withstand winds up to 50 MPH, rain, and snow. 

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights
Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights

Aside from the durability of the design itself, we also looked at how durable the solar panels is to charge the battery pack and provide light.

We tested and found that after 6 hours of direct sunlight exposure, these solar lights can deliver up to 5-6 hours of light. 

These outdoor string lights are built with LED lights which are more energy-efficient and durable.

Read this article to learn more and the benefits of LED lights.

Design & Installation

The design of these string lights is vintage-inspired, fitting for weddings, special occasions, and everyday use for most homes and yards.

The light color is also a soft-white and complements the design of the lights and most party decorations. 

Installing these lights is also a breeze. The beauty of solar lights is that outlets are not needed so that you can use them virtually anywhere as long as the solar panel receives full sunlight. 

You have the option to string them around many structures or in trees.

As long as you have the included stake and clip, hanging these lights will be the least of your worries when preparing for your event. 

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2. Best Design: AMIR Upgraded Solar String Lights

AMIR Upgraded Solar String Lights

Product Ratings

Durable 4.5/5
Length 5/5
Installation 5/5
Charge Time5/5

Length: 33 ft | Color: Warm White | Brand: AMIR | Occasion: Christmas, Wedding, Birthday | Light Source Type: LED Copper

What We Liked

  • Long length of string lights
  • Beautiful fairy light design
  • Warm amber LED lights

What We Didn’t Like

  • Irreplaceable battery & bulbs

These solar-powered fairy lights are impressive in their quality and energy efficiency. They are waterproof and easy to use.

The design is built expertly with high quality copper and plastic that should last a long time. 

Our only complaint is that the battery and bulbs are irreplaceable. If those stop working, you need to buy a whole new string of lights which might be wasteful.

AMIR Upgraded Solar String Lights
AMIR Upgraded Solar String Lights being charged on a field

However, the lithium battery is rechargeable and should last a very long time without hiccups. 

The solar string lights will work continuously for more than 8 hours after receiving sun exposure during the day.

If you’re getting ready for your evening wedding, this would be a great option to use for lighting those dances. 

Design & Installation

We especially enjoyed the design of these lights. The invisible copper string, coupled with warm white light, perfectly creates a romantic, magical ambiance.

There are 100 warm lights stringed together, 10 cm apart, and they illuminate beautifully while lighting patios, gardens, and banquets. 

The installation does not require any additional materials. It is easy and flexible to arrange and string in a specific manner you need and will automatically turn on once it’s dark.  

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3. Best Waterproof: Sunlitec Waterproof Solar String Lights

Sunlitec Waterproof Solar String Lights

Product Ratings

Durable 4.5/5
Length 5/5
Installation 4/5
Charge Time5/5

Length: 27 ft | Color: Buckle | Brand: Sunlitec | Occasion: Wedding, Graduation, Birthday | Light Source Type: LED | 

What We Liked

  • USB charging option
  • Bulbs last 50,000 hours
  • Water and windproof
  • 1-year warranty (does not cover bulbs)

What We Didn’t Like

  • Bulbs are not shatter-proof


These string lights are made with high quality LED balls that are rain resistant so you can leave them up during inclement weather.

We were impressed that these last up to 50,000 hours per bulb before they need to be replaced.

One common complaint we noticed among other users is that the bulbs were fragile.

Sunlitec Waterproof Solar String Lights
Sunlitec Waterproof Solar String Lights

It is true that these are not shatter-proof bulbs, and we can see how they would break in high wind if they are left to bang against a hard object like a post or wall. 

However, we didn’t have trouble with bulbs breaking while we tested these solar lights.

They are as robust as any other glass bulb, so we hung them carefully where they won’t be hit by passersby or battered by wind.

Sunlitec provides a 1-year warranty in case of defects or issues with the wiring or solar panel, but this warranty does not cover bulbs.

Design & Installation

The design of this product in terms of visual appeal is gorgeous. The 25 LED balls are spaced 10 inches apart and deliver a warm-colored white light.

The lighting mode can also be changed, depending on your mood, preference, and occasion. 

We particularly enjoyed that a USB can also charge this string of lights, and it will light up, even if it’s raining outside. This versatility is something worthy to take into account. 

The flexibility of the string makes it easy to install and arrange where you want it to go. The lights are adjustable on the string and can be clustered together or placed further apart.

This little detail makes a difference in the number of decoration options.

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4. Best In Power Efficiency: Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights

Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights

Product Ratings

Durable 5/5
Length 5/5
Installation 4/5
Charge Time5/5

Length: 33 ft x 2 strings of lights | Color: Warm White | Brand: Brightown | Occasion: Wedding, Christmas | Light Source Type: LED

What We Liked

  • IP65 waterproof functionality
  • 8 lighting modes 
  • High solar efficiency 
  • Easy to install

What We Didn’t Like

  • Strings get tangled during installation


The durability of these lights is outstanding. With its IP65 waterproof functionality, these string lights can last throughout rain, snow, and wind.

They will last under many different weather conditions. 

They also come with both a solar panel and a rechargeable battery, which is extremely promising in providing long-lasting solar power lighting. 

Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights
Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights

Design & Installation

The fairy lights stringed in 100 LED lights on a copper string are beautiful and delicate.

The soft, white glow provides a festive, magical ambiance to any special occasion, and gives that “cozy vibe” to any room. 

In addition to the beautifully crafted lights, this string of lights also comes with 8 lighting modes: 

  1. Waves
  2. Sequential
  3. Slow glow
  4. Chasing/flash
  5. Slow fade
  6. Twinkle/flash
  7. Steady-on
  8. Combination

Although installing these beautiful lights is an easy task, we found it a bit of a nuisance to untangle the string itself.

However, the beautiful ambiance that these string lights provided made our efforts worth it.  

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5. Best in Robust Design: PERFECTDAY Shatterproof Solar String Lights

PERFECTDAY Shatterproof Solar String Lights

Product Ratings

Durable 5/5
Length 4/5
Installation 5/5
Charge Time5/5

Length: 27 ft | Color: Brand: PerfectDay | Occasion: Wedding, General Use | Light Source Type: LED 

What We Liked

  • Waterproof and shatterproof bulbs
  • Option for USB charging on overcast days
  • Tangle-proof wire design
  • 4 lighting modes

What We Didn’t Like

  • String is a bit too short


When we were testing this set of string lights we immediately noticed that unlike the others, this string is made with premium rubber-coated wire that can take the weather and wear-and-tear of outdoor use. 

The bulbs are high quality glass that is shatterproof, and waterproof. This is a remarkable upgrade from other cafe bulb solar light strings that we tested.

This string is made to last for many years in the great outdoors. 

PERFECTDAY Shatterproof Solar String Lights
PERFECTDAY Shatterproof Solar String Lights hanging on a porch at night

The lights themselves have a long lifespan of 50,000 hours, which is astounding. We also saw that it takes 5 hours for the solar lights to be fully charged after direct sunlight.

The USB charging option is also an added bonus because your lights can then function with or without the sun. 

Design & Installation

The design of these solar string lights is timeless.

The dark rubber wire and sockets blend well with outdoor elements, and the soft glow provides a beautiful elegance for any occasion. 

We appreciate that the design of these string lights includes end connectors so you can expand your set with more solar string lights when necessary. 

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Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallBest Design Best WaterproofBest for Power EfficiencyBest Robust Design 
Overall Rating5/54.5/54.5/55/54/5
Durable 5/54.5/54.5/55/55/5
Installation 5/55/55/54/55/5
Charge Time5/55/55/55/55/5

The Winner

Our favorite solar string lights are the Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights.

The vintage-style solar lights are beautifully built to complement any special occasion, including but not limited to weddings.

The bulbs are durable, shatterproof and waterproof and provide a long output of light. 

If you also need a way to add light to your street, check out our article on the Best Solar Street Lights

How to Choose the Best Solar String Lights

string lights
Solar string lights are a great way to add ambiance to your backyard, party, wedding, or other occasion.

Not all solar products are made equal, and that is the same case for solar string lights.

We recommend you keep in mind these considerations when shopping for your lights.


How long will the outdoor solar string lights and wiring last? Are they designed to be waterproof? Is the solar panel well-sealed against the elements so it can charge day after day without fail? 

Some lights have thin copper wire which is beautiful for table-settings, floral arrangements, and other small applications.

This copper wire can bend and break after repeated use, so consider how many times it will be rearranged before the string fails.


The design depends on where you will be placing these lights and, of course, your preferences.

There are various lights to choose from – fairy lights, vintage-style bulbs, and round LED cafe-style bulbs spaced apart. 

Also, keep in mind the length of the string and where you would like to place the string lights. Be sure to measure the place before ordering your lights.

Some lights come in 2 or 3 pack options if you have a larger place to decorate. For patio and deck lighting, choose sets that have end-to-end connectors.

Speaking of light designs, check out our review of the Best Solar Ground Lights. Add ambiance to your garden, patio, home, and more!


Nobody wants to take a long time installing string lights, so we recommend reading reviews of those who have purchased the specific solar string lights in the past to see how easy they are to install. 

Also consider the type of material that was used to build the light wiring. Some are more flexible and easier to work with than others. 


It’s important to find lights that can deliver light for a long time after charging. We’ve seen solar light strings work for 6-8 hours after sunlight exposure.

This is especially important if you want your solar lights to provide a measure of nighttime security as well as ambiance.

Also, how will the solar string lights be charged?

Some string lights depend solely on direct exposure to the sun, while others have the additional benefit of being USB chargeable.

If you want them to work in overcast conditions, we recommend checking out solar lights that can charge with a USB. 

Another beautiful way to decorate your garden, patio, or party is by adding a solar birdbath fountain, which we also tested and reviewed on our blog. 

Honorable Mentions

Here’s a brief look at the 5 other solar string lights that didn’t make our list.

1. Joomer Waterproof Solar String Lights – Considered for Budget

These are fairy lights that are relatively inexpensive and have the same durability characteristics as many of the other options we reviewed. 

However, we felt that they do look a bit bulky and we prefer AMIR Upgraded Solar String Lights because of their more delicate design. 

2. Semilits Waterproof Solar String Lights– Considered for Design

These solar string lights are fun because they are designed in the shape of honeybees. They will look really nice in your backyard for a casual gathering. 

However, if you want something that will fit any occasion, we suggest going with Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights instead. 

3. Addlon Weatherproof Outdoor String Lights – Considered for Durability

These string lights are energy efficient, easy to install and highly durable in most weather conditions. However, we didn’t like that the string gets tangled easily. 

We recommend checking out PERFECTDAY Shatterproof Solar String Lights, which have a similar look, equal durability and no tangled cords. 

4. Lalapao 2-Pack Solar Christmas Lights – Considered for Seasonal Decor

If you want Christmas on a string, these lights are exactly what you’re looking for and more.

They are fun, colorful and extremely powerful. They will definitely get you in that festive mood. 

However, we found that hanging these is difficult enough to make you lose your Christmas spirit.

We would rather go with Brightown Outdoor Solar String Lights, which are just as efficient but easier to install. 

5. Keshi Solar Star String Lights – Considered for Versatility

These lights are cute and dainty.

They are star-shaped, and when they light up they provide a beautiful, magical ambiance to the whole place. They are overall a great option. 

However, they don’t have a dual charging option that we’ve come to love.

If this is important to you, check out Sunlitec Waterproof Solar String Lights, which charge with solar and USB. 

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