4 BEST Solar Pathway Lights Guide (Put to the Test for 2023)

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Solar lights are great for homes and businesses. You won’t have to spend any money on electricity because they’re powered by the sun’s energy stored in a small battery.

They’re easy to install, attractive, and surprisingly bright compared to standard wired options.

If you have a dark pathway, driveway, garden perimeter, or any other dark area that could use some ambiance, it would be a great idea to invest in solar path lights.

After extensive research and testing, we’re reviewing our top 4 best solar pathway lights picks and have 3 honorable mentions for your further consideration.

Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
01 BEAU JARDIN Solar Pathway Lights Best Overall: BEAU JARDIN Solar Pathway Lights Waterproof and weather resistant, these sparkling lights are perfect for making any outdoor space shine. Check Price
02 GIGALUMI Solar Powered Path Lights Best Design: GIGALUMI Solar Powered Path Lights One of the best designs and perfect for any walkway, these lights deliver a soft, warm glow. Check Price
03 Solpex 8 Pcs Solar Powered LED Path Lights Best Value: Solpex 8 Pcs Solar Powered LED Path Lights These well-designed solar lights are compact, extremely bright, and give you the most lights for your money. Check Price
04 URPOWER 2-In-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight Adjustable Wall Light Brightest Solar Lamp: URPOWER 2-In-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight Adjustable Wall Light These lights give off 50 lumens and are made to be aimed at an object, making them excellent for yard security and safety.  Check Price

How We Chose the Best Solar Pathway lights

solar path light
Light up your walkway around the garden without spending money on electricty.

Battery Life

We believe solar lights should be made with a long battery life.

Solar lights that only last for a few hours are probably not worth the investment because they won’t stay on an entire night.

The average battery life of a fully-charged solar-powered light is 4 to 5 hours, but 6 or more hours is a huge plus.

Charging Time

For those that live in mixed climates, a quicker charge time is important. A succession of 2 or more gray skies could lead to no light for a week.

This is especially true if your model takes more than 8 hours to charge in full sunlight.

Solar pathway lights that have a quick recharge rate are better suited for all.

Pack Size

Who doesn’t like to save money?

Not many only buy 1 or 2 solar lights for a path, especially if they are being used for a garden or lining the perimeter of a house.

Most solar-powered walkway lights come in packs of 2, sometimes more.

Most homes need about 10 walkway lights to safely illuminate a walking area, though some may need more.

Take the total cost of all lights needed into consideration when choosing lights for your yard.


A light’s lumen rating dictates how bright the light will be. More lumens means more brightness.

Regardless of whether you need an area to be brightly lit, having a higher lumen rating will be better in the long run.

This is because you will not have to purchase as many lights to cover your area. 

Most solar lamps run between 2 and 50 lumens. The lowest lumen output is intended for decorative purposes only.


You will want to be conscious of how attractive the product is when placing it in public view.

Even path lights that are built to be sturdy and practical should still have some level of attractiveness. 

We chose to test and review lights that we feel will look beautiful outside any home or in any garden.

Lights that look cheap, overly bulky, or have a strange design didn’t make it onto our list.


We felt that cheap-looking materials such as thin plastics can make or break a product.

Weak materials allow for more damage from external forces like rain, lawnmowers, accidental kicking, or pets.

We prefer powder-coated aluminum or ABS plastic lights which can take the wear-and-tear of yard life.

The construction and material of the product is something we carefully considered because solar lights are an investment and you’ll want them to last for as long as possible and look great in your yard.

Best Solar Pathway lights Reviewed

1. Best Overall: BEAU JARDIN Solar Pathway Lights

BEAU JARDIN Solar Pathway Lights

Product Ratings

Affordability 4/5
Weatherproof 5/5
Run Time5/5
Quality 5/5

Battery Life: 8-12 hours | Lumens: 10 | Brand: Beau Jardin | Charge time: 6-8 hours | Material: Stainless steel, glass | Pack size: 4 to 8

What We Liked

  • The design is simple yet elegant
  • The battery life is longer than others
  • The materials are durable

What We Didn’t Like

  • Slightly more expensive than other brands
  • Takes a full day to charge the battery to maximum capacity

We love this solar pathway light because the long battery life and brightness level are good enough to illuminate a path.

The attractiveness of this light is one of the best and is constructed with durable materials.

We felt that this light is the top choice in design quality and versatility. It will add elegance to a path along with some safety.

BEAU JARDIN Solar Pathway Lights
BEAU JARDIN Solar Pathway Lights

What Do Reviewers Say?

There are some reviewers that complain about the length of the ground stakes. They believe that they should be a little longer.

We agree with this complaint because the stake can lose grip on the soil over time and allow the light to tip slightly to one side.

We recommend putting a stake in the ground prior to pushing the pathway light.

There have been cases where the light was damaged from people trying to push them into hard dirt.

We found that “pre-drilling” the hole with a wooden or metal stake saved the light stakes from breaking.

Features & Considerations

This lamp is fully waterproof and can withstand all kinds of weather.

We love that it recharges well and the light that it sheds is broken up into a beautiful pattern on the ground.

The size is normal but may be small for those looking to brighten up large areas.

The soft white light is also not as bright as a blue glow. However the LEDs are enough to meet an average homeowner’s needs.

This light has an auto function and will turn on when it gets dark.

See Price on Amazon

2. Best Design: GIGALUMI Solar Powered Path Lights

GIGALUMI Solar Powered Path Lights

Product Ratings

Affordability 3/5
Weatherproof 4/5
Run Time5/5
Quality 3/5

Battery Life: 8 hours | Lumens: 10 | Brand: Gigalumi | Charge time: 8 hours | Material: Plastic | Pack size: 2

What We Liked

  • One of the most decorative pathway lights
  • Great battery life

What We Didn’t Like

  • Charge time is quite long
  • Can get expensive if you want a lot in your yard

We wanted to mention the Gigalumi solar path lights because of the gorgeous design. It is one of the best-designed solar pathway lights.

The LED bulbs are surprisingly bright, making a great addition to a garden or other features.

GIGALUMI Solar Powered Path Lights
GIGALUMI Solar Powered Path Lights beside a pathway

The casing is not the most durable, but the design makes up for some of the light’s flaws.

If you are looking for a light to make your pathway gorgeous, this is the perfect light.

What Do Reviewers Say?

After reading through reviews we saw that some have complained the batteries will not hold the charge that is advertised, so the lights will not last the whole night.

However, a few have fixed this issue by buying different rechargeable batteries and installing them. 

We decided to try replacing the batteries in ours and found that it also made the recharge time longer.

However, the ability to replace the rechargeable battery is a big plus for us, because you don’t have to buy all-new lights when the battery is exhausted.

We loved the soft amber color and most felt that these gave off just the right amount of light.

Some have broken while trying to install them on hard ground, so it is important to make a hole prior to installation.

Features & Considerations

The size and dimensions of these lanterns are larger than most.

This makes it a more prominent decorative feature in a garden or along a pathway, and the design is lovely to view.

The amber plastic coating and white LED bulb make the light illuminate an area with a soft glow.

There is an automatic sensor so the light will turn on at sunset and shut-off at sunrise.

There are multiple solar panels placed on the roof of the light to absorb sunlight from every angle.

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3. Best Value: Solpex 8 Pcs Solar Powered LED Path Lights

Solpex 8 Pcs Solar Powered LED Path Lights

Product Ratings

Affordability 5/5
Weatherproof 4/5
Run Time5/5
Quality 3/5

Battery Life: 8 hours | Lumens: 10 | Brand: Solpex | Charge time: 6 hours | Material: Stainless steel and glass | Pack size: 8

What We Liked

  • Made with good materials
  • Long battery life
  • Best price you will be able to find

What We Didn’t Like

  • Cheaper products are usually less durable 
  • Does not illuminate light as much as it should

This solar light stands out because of the price. It has a simple design and 10 lumens.

It is the best option if you want to save money. The size of these lights is small, and the durability is good for the price.

Solpex 8 Pcs Solar Powered LED Path Lights
Solpex 8 Pcs Solar Powered LED Path Lights at night

What Do Reviewers Say?

We saw that most reviewers loved that they are easy to install and assemble. They are also said to not be as bright, but it is worth it because of the price.

Unfortunately, after a few years of use the lights may stop working. Considering the price, a few years of use is admirable.

Many cheaper lights available work for a season or two and must be thrown away because the batteries are non-replaceable or the solar panel stops charging the battery.

These lights have a replaceable battery, making them an even better buy.

We didn’t mind the low lumen output because we used them to illuminate a small walkway, and 10-lumens is bright enough when it’s dark outside.

Features & Considerations

This light is a great choice for colder climates because it’s stainless steel.

The material is attractive when combined with the simple rounded post design. It would make a nice accent to a garden path.

Since the pack size is so cheap, these lights are great for lighting up long paths or buying a lot for large outdoor areas.

The design of these lights makes them less noticeable during the day, which we liked for tucking them around our landscaping.

These lights automatically turn on at dusk and will last all night when fully charged. The batteries are replaceable to switch them out if they malfunction.

See Price on Amazon

4. Brightest Solar Lamp: URPOWER 2-In-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight Adjustable Wall Light

URPOWER 2-In-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight Adjustable Wall Light

Product Ratings

Affordability 3/5
Weatherproof 5/5
Run Time4/5
Quality 3/5

Battery Life: 6-9 hours | Lumens: 50 | Brand: Urpower | Charge time: 8 hours | Material: Plastic | Pack size: 2

What We Liked

  • The level of brightness is superior for yard security
  • One light can illuminate stairs at night
  • Pack size is small but you do not need many

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is not as attractive as others

We feel like this solar light functions more as a spotlight than a lamp or solar lantern, but because of the brightness, it was worth the mention.

It’s not the most attractive but we like the small size and adjustable head. The black color also blends into the yard during the day so it’s less noticeable.

URPOWER 2-In-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight Adjustable Wall Light
URPOWER 2-In-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight Adjustable Wall Light

What Do Reviewers Say?

Reviewers say that these lights are best for landscaping because of the brightness.

The powerful spotlights also have a wide cast, which brightens up large areas.

Some enjoyed the white color, while others claim that it was too white for their taste. However, most agree that these lights are great for a variety of purposes.

We liked the white color, but this comes down to your preference and landscaping.

Features & Considerations

This light features a 2-in-1 installation option. You can either use a stick to place it in the ground or you can mount it on a wall.

This allows for versatility if you want to maximize the brightness in a dark space, path, at a door, or on some stairs.

It has an adjustable head which allows for you to reposition where the spotlight shines. You can focus it on trees or your property’s perimeter.

This solar light will turn on at night and off at sunrise on its own. This is helpful for those looking to conserve energy and maintain a regular schedule without manual input.

This light is the brightest on the list with 50 lumens. There is a low and high mode so you can adjust it. Batteries will last longer with a lower lumen output.

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Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallBest DesignBest ValueBrightest Solar Lamp
Overall Rating4.8/54/54.2/54/5
Affordability 4/53/55/53/5
Weatherproof 5/54/54/55/5
Run Time5/55/55/54/5
Quality 5/53/53/53/5

The Winner

Overall, we decided the best solar pathway light is the BEAU JARDIN Solar Pathway Lights because of the brightness, price, and look.

These lights are all around the best and will not break the bank. We love the ambiance they impart to our yard and pathway.

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How to Choose the Best Solar Pathway Lights

solar path light on green grass
Lights vary in design and brightness so pick one that best suits your needs.

Before investing in solar pathway lights, you should identify your specific needs.

Those looking for a decorative spotlight to highlight pathways will most likely have a different set of criteria than those looking for motion-activated solar security lights.

Certain solar lamps are better suited for different climates, areas, positioning, and aesthetics.

By asking yourself a few questions, you’ll be able to decide which solar lamp is best for you.

What Kind of Weather Will Your Lamps Be Exposed To?

Every lamp has a certain level of water resistance since they’re made for the outdoors. Not all can withstand extreme weather patterns or temperatures.

  • Heavy rain and/or flooding
  • Automatic irrigation systems
  • Frost and/or snow
  • Heat above 100 degrees (F)
  • Heavy winds

For anyone living in tropical areas, it’s important to find a solar light that can handle a lot of rain. You should consider the area you will be placing them in.

Finding an area where the lights won’t be flooded with water is a good idea.

It may be better to find a model with a tall post, covered head, and water resistance certification.

The same goes for areas that expect frost or snow. Solar lamps made of weak materials, such as thin plastics, are likely to get battery and plastic damage.

Ice can sometimes crack the casings which would be a bummer if you placed out a lot of lamps. 

Some solar panels are also smaller than others. This can affect battery charging rates in areas that experience a lot of cloud-cover or fog.

In these areas, a larger solar panel is a must.

How Sunny is Your Area?

You should consider the amount of sunlight the light will be able to soak in. Putting the solar light somewhere in your yard that gets a lot of sunlight would be ideal.

If your home or business does not get much sun it will be difficult for these lamps to work.

In the summer, the lights have more power, while in the winter, it may be more difficult for them to absorb sunlight.

It would be a good idea to find a solar light that has a low charging time so it will still work if you live in a cloudy area. Most solar lights take around 8 hours to charge. 

The lights may not work for a few days if it stays overcast or foggy for too long.

How Much Light Do You Need?

The brightness of solar pathway lights vary depending on how many lumens each one has. The lights can only be as bright as their lumen rating.

The lumen output is at its maximum when the battery is fully-charged, so expect less brightness as the battery discharges.

The solar panel’s size will also help determine how bright your lights will be.

We realized that the bigger the solar panel size, the more light that the pathway lights will illuminate, because the LED array and battery output are larger.

If you want to brighten up a large space, you need to buy more lamps. You may also want the lumens to be high.

Buying the solar lights in a pack of 6 or more would be a good idea to save money.

Are You Using it for Decorative or Safety Purposes?

One of the main purposes for installing solar-powered path lighting is safety.

Decorative solar lamps come in various designs that will make your pathway stand out, but they don’t generate a ton of light.

These also may take a longer time to charge. Decorative solar lamps are less sturdy, as well. 

When looking for decorative lights, keep in mind the placement of the lights. Some of them can be large and look strange on a smaller path.

There are several different style options for security lighting. It is important to remember that you do not have to sacrifice the design.

Several bright, powerful lamps are well-designed and look attractive enough to be featured in your front yard.

Most of these options are black or silver. They function as a solar spotlight with non-discreet external solar panels.

How Often Will You Be Using The Lights?

Most solar lamps will stay lit for an average of 4 to 5 hours on a full charge but this can be longer.

While a product listing may advertise 8 hours, that isn’t always the case.

If you’re planning on using your lights regularly, we recommend that you go for a lamp that charges quickly.

There are some options that contain sensors which are motion-activated. Some will have auto shut-off features which makes it easier for it to maintain the charge.

Motion-activation is a particularly great feature for those looking to use their lamps while running nightly errands or returning home from work.

Honorable Mentions

Here’s a brief look at the 3 options that didn’t make our best solar pathway lights list.

1. Kshioe Solar Tiki Light – Considered for Best Design

We considered these lights for the best design because of the tiki look. People love the tiki design, and these lights would make any tropical pathway look great.

We felt the GIGALUMI Solar Powered Path Lights were a better option because they are a lot cheaper and have a flattering design for any landscape.

2. Maggift 12 Pcs Solar Pathway Lights Solar Garden Lights – Considered for Best Value

When we saw the quantity and price of these solar pathway lights, they were hard to ignore.

However, it’s easy to notice how cheaply they are made, and the durability is not the best. 

We had to go with the Solpex 8 Pcs Solar Powered LED Path Lights because they are more durable and designed better.

3. DenicMic Solar Garden Lights Outdoor Pathway Lights – Considered for Overall Best

These are bright solar lights that give off up to 40 lumens on a full charge. They are durable and reasonably priced.

They are well-worth your consideration if none of our top picks are right for your yard. 

We loved the pattern and ambiance of the BEAU JARDIN Solar Pathway Lights overall, and the ABS plastic construction means they’ll last a long time. 

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