Best Solar Tubes: Sun Tunnels for your house (Velux, Natural Light)

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Light & heat pass through the roof of your house

Using sunlight to brighten up your rooms and home is the best option these days, and you can easily do that by installing the budget-friendly “solar tube.”. They save a lot of energy and can be an excellent investment for reducing your electricity bills. 

Moreover, natural light has a significant impact on your health and improves your house’s environment significantly. But before you make this choice, observe all the external factors that can affect your decision in the long run.

Confused about which solar tube you should choose for a well-lit, gorgeous, and radiant house? We are here to help you make the best choice by giving you all the information you need about solar tubes.

If you are someone who likes working in natural sunlight and enjoys a lit-up environment, an excellent solar tube is all you need in your house. 

What are these magical things we speak of called solar tubes? They are metallic tunnels fixed in the ceiling or the roof and distribute indirect sunlight throughout the building. Not only does it save money and energy, but it also makes the building much brighter, naturally.

How Do Solar Tubes Work?

A lot of people are intrigued by the working of solar tubes. A solar tube has a reflective inner surface that reflects the incoming light and distributes it across your house. 

Although small in size, this tunnel can illuminate rooms of all sizes with the help of natural sunlight.

See our related article on Everything You Need To Know About Solar Tubes. Here we show you how they work, cost of installation and what tube size is best for your home or space.

  Product Details    
VELUX-10-Double-Strength-Tubular-Skylight Best Overall: VELUX 10’’ • 99.99% reflective layer on the inside
• solid build & easy installation
• cheap yet cost-effective
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Natural-Light-10-Inch-Tubular-Skylight Runner Up: Natural Light 10″ • can be fitted with additional diffusers and filters
• 4 feet of tubing included
• illuminates up to 150 sq. ft. output 
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VELUX-TM4-Sun-Tunnel VELUX TM4 Sun Tunnel • flexible tunnel installs easily
• has innovative pitched metal flashing
• best installed in rooms with flat ceilings
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Natural-Light-13-Inch-Flat-Tubular-Skylight Natural Light 13″ • illuminates up to 300 sq. ft.
• ENERGY STAR Qualified
• hurricane tested/approved
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Kennedy-Skylights-14-Inches Kennedy Skylights 14″ • rigid yet flexible structure
• contains an excellent diffuser
• lifetime warranty
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5 Best Solar Tubes

1. Best Overall: VELUX 10’’ Double Strength Tubular Skylight (5 out of 5 Stars)

This solar tube has a 99.99% reflective layer on the inside, ensuring a complete reflection of incoming sunlight. Along with a solid build, easy installation, and a modern design, this solar tube doesn’t cost a lot and provides you with a cheap yet cost-effective alternative for conventional light bulbs and tube lights.

It is always recommended to cover a thorough study before putting money into a product. We have done the job for you. Here are some pros and cons you need to know before buying this product.

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2. Runner Up: Natural Light 10″ Tubular Skylight (5 out of 5 Stars)

The best thing about these solar tubes is their excellent quality material which ensures 100% energy efficiency. While illuminating up to 150 square feet of area with natural sunlight, natural hazards such as hurricanes and typhoons can also stand. 

This solar tube can also be fitted with additional diffusers and filters for UV ray protection.

Besides the number of pros for this decent-looking tubular skylight, there are some cons to it as well. They go hand-in-hand. Read below to learn about them in detail.

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3. VELUX TM4 Sun Tunnel (4.5 out of 5 stars)

If you want to install your solar tube in a place such as an attic, there is no doubt that you will run into quite a few assembly problems. 

With the VELUX TM4 flexible solar tube, you can easily assemble it and fix it around attic barriers. The presence of an acrylic dome on the structure and a flexible tunnel makes it the best option for low-profile roofs and ceilings. 

It lights up the house generously and will last you a few good years!

As a highly durable solar light, this sun tunnel has more pros than cons. Read below to find out if this light matches your homely needs.

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4. Natural Light 13″ Flat Tubular Skylight (4 out of 5 stars)

Backed with a 25-year warranty period, you can rest assured that this company stands behind its quality. This light kit is recommended for larger rooms and higher ceilings (9 feet and above). Besides that, this solar tube can radiate ample lighting and play its part in keeping the environment clean and healthy while conserving energy and lowering energy bills. 

This flexible tubular skylight can be a very attractive addition to your house. But learning about its pros and cons is a must before putting your money into a product. Let us inform you about the Flat Tubular Skylight’s pros and cons.

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5. Kennedy Skylights 14″ (4 out of 5 stars)

This solar tube is well-known for its rigid yet flexible structure. It is commonly installed in small places such as the attic, storage room, or bathroom. It is a 96-inch tunnel that contains an excellent diffuser ensuring even distribution of light throughout your room. 

The best thing about this solar tube is its lifetime warranty (as if 25 years wasn’t enough) and the company behind them, which is often recommended as one of the best in the world for skylights.

This highly flexible light can be a perfect choice if you are looking for solar lights to install in smaller spaces without compromising a brighter light. Read below some pros and cons of buying this light and then decide whether you want to put your money in this or not.

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Are Solar Tubes Worth It?

Sure, some solar tubes, including the installation, can be a little expensive, but it’s worth the investment, as most customers would agree. Especially when compared to traditional skylights, you are spending about a quarter of what you’d spend on a conventional skylight when investing in a solar tube. Of course, they come with their own set of benefits.

See our related article where we completly breakdown the Pros and Cons of Solar Tubes. We will let you decide if they are worth it.

With a solar tube, you can replace a lot of artificial lighting in your house, not just saving you energy, but saving you money and many health risks.

Installation of most solar tubes can be carried out in 2 hours or less, so you don’t need to book time out to have one installed. From the flexibility to the cost to the countless benefits we have discussed above, we’d go the distance and say that solar tubes are worth it!

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