4 Best Solar Backpacks for Energy On the Go (FOUND)

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The best solar backpacks offer you power on the go to charge your phone, computer, and other devices wherever you are.

These solar backpacks integrate a low-watt solar panel, removable solar panels, power banks, and USB cords to charge devices on the go. 

Some solar backpacks come equipped with hydration bladders, anti-theft protection, and ventilation systems. They are eco-friendly and similar to normal backpacks.

Whether you’re an outdoors enthusiast prepping for a multi-day trek or just want power wherever you go, a solar charger backpack will enable you to keep all of your electronics charged using green energy.

Our Top Picks

  Product Details    
01 Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack Charger Best Overall: Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack Charger Advanced flexible solar panels and a high-powered charging bank. Best for those who pack a lot of gear, like photographers. Check Price
02 SUNNYBAG Explorer+ Backpack With Solar Panel Runner Up: SUNNYBAG Explorer+ Backpack With Solar Panel While the wattage is lower than some other solar backpacks, it’s more than enough to charge small devices and top-up a USB battery pack. Check Price
03 ECEEN Hiking Backpack Best For Those on a Budget: ECEEN Hiking Backpack A budget-friendly solar powered backpack that still has great quality and a strong charge. Check Price
04 SolarGoPack Solar Powered Hydration Backpack Best For Athletes: SolarGoPack Solar Powered Hydration Backpack Breathable mesh, high-quality PVC material, built-in hydration bladder, and a lightweight design. Perfect for athletes. Check Price

How We Chose the Best Solar Backpack

We took a look at the power output of the solar panels, the size of the solar backpack, and the overall design quality.

We considered the unique use of the bag so that not every solar backpack on our list is the same.


Solar backpacks are usually equipped with detachable solar panels ranging from 5 watts to 12 watts.

If a backpack solar panel is less than 5 watts, it will take too long to charge your device’s lithium ion battery. The higher the watts, the quicker the charge time.


Standard backpacks range from 8L to 100L, and most solar backpacks range around 20-25L. This is enough space to carry your essentials and for your charging devices.

REMEMBER that the larger the solar backpack and solar panel, the more weight you’ll be carrying on your back.

Look for padded shoulder straps to make the weight easier to bear.


We took a look at the overall quality of the solar backpack and solar panels. We chose the solar backpacks we felt were constructed well and would last long.

Having durable solar panels is important to avoid damage and malfunction. You do not want to deal with broken solar panels in an emergency.

Best Solar Backpacks Reviewed

1. Best Overall: Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack Charger

Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack Charger

Product Ratings

Affordability 2/5
Solar Power Quality5/5
Backpack Quality5/5

Sizes: 25L | Watts: 10.5 | Brand: Voltaic Systems | Power Bank: Yes

What We Liked

  • The power bank is better than most
  • Backpack and solar panel are constructed well 
  • The look of the solar backpack is nicer than most solar backpacks

What We Didn’t Like

  • Most expensive option compared to other solar powered backpacks

The Array can charge a range of devices on a single solar charge. It’s durable enough to use in a variety of climates.

The black and red clamshell design is professional and doesn’t look like a typical hiking backpack.

This is a large solar backpack with an abundance of pockets that make it perfect for short trips or tech-intensive travel.

Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack Charger
Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack Charger

Reviewer Opinions

Reviewers are happy with their Voltaic System Array backpacks. They claim that the battery bank and high capacity solar panel work as advertised.

These solar backpacks are capable of charging DSLR camera batteries, a separate power bank, or an external laptop battery.

Travelers have taken their bags as far and wide as France and West Africa with no issues.

Some buyers complain that this solar backpack is too bulky for urban environments. Others complain that the solar panels will not work in shade or overcast weather.

In our testing we found that this is a standard issue for most solar energy devices, so we aren’t particularly disappointed with any of the solar powered backpacks in this way.

Features & Considerations

Voltaic Systems makes a range of solar backpacks, but the Array model outshines the rest.

With 3 monocrystalline solar panels and a 19,8000 mAh battery pack, the Array can charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, DSLR cameras, and more. 

The biggest selling point for this solar backpack is its ability to fully solar charge a laptop in one go.

The panels boast a 19% efficiency rating and can charge 7 smartphones, 3 tablets, or 1 laptop when the solar power bank is full.

The power bank offers USB, and Hi-Voltage laptop outputs that are FAA compliant for carry-on luggage. 

The solar backpack offers some waterproof fabric and weather-resistant solar panels to your expensive tech.

It’s a 25L clamshell design complete with a 15-inch laptop sleeve, 10-inch tablet sleeve, and dedicated smartphone and battery pockets.

You can easily squeeze in enough gear with room to spare, but the empty backpack weighs in at a hefty 5 pounds.

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2. Runner-Up: SUNNYBAG Explorer+ Backpack with Solar Panel

SUNNYBAG Explorer+ Backpack With Solar Panel

Product Ratings

Affordability 3/5
Solar Power Quality3/5
Backpack Quality5/5

Sizes: 15L | Watts: 6 | Brand: Sunnybag | Power Bank: No

What We Liked

  • The design is great for hiking or everyday use
  • Large removable solar panel on back
  • Backpack quality is high

What We Didn’t Like

  • No power bank
  • Lower wattage than others

The SUNNYBAG Explorer+ is a lightweight, versatile solar backpack. It features a 6W solar panel that can charge a smartphone in 2 hours.

The backpack has a high-quality design, making this bag stand out from the rest.

NOTE: there’s no power bank included with this backpack.

SUNNYBAG Explorer+ Backpack with Solar Panel
SUNNYBAG Explorer+ Backpack with Solar Panel

Reviewer Opinions

Reviewers are satisfied with their SUNNYBAG Explorer+ backpack. They appreciate the quality design and effectiveness of the solar panels.

One professional tech reviewer claims that this bag has performed better than other similar models and brands on the market.

Others are happy that the solar panel is removable for remote charging. The convenience aspect of the solar backpack is a key selling point for most buyers.

They claim that it’s a great value for the price point and we’d have to agree.

After our hike with this solar pack, we can confidently say that it fulfilled its purpose and that the most active of our testers would definitely use it again!

Features & Considerations

The well-designed SUNNYBAG Explorer+ backpack offers versatility with its removable solar panel and durable build.

The 6W solar panel has an efficiency rating of 22%. The company certifies each solar panel before it’s shipped to guarantee quality.

LED indicator lights notify you when the backpack is fully charged and ready for use.

If the solar backpack is in direct sunlight, a smartphone can be charged in 2 hours or less but may take up to 4 hours in cloudy weather.

Larger devices, such as tablets or drones, will take 5 to 7 hours.

BUYER WARNING: The solar backpack only works with USB devices and does not store power in a battery pack, so you’ll need to buy a power bank to charge electronic devices after dark.

This waterproof solar backpack is made of weatherproof polyester fabric and can carry a 15.6-inch laptop and other small devices.

The chic and tech-savvy bag can be used with or without the solar panel should you wish to pack it up for safekeeping.

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3. Best For Those on a Budget: ECEEN Hiking Backpack

ECEEN Hiking Backpack

Product Ratings

Affordability 5/5
Solar Power Quality3/5
Backpack Quality3/5

Sizes: 30L | Watts: 6.5 | Brand: Eceen | Power Bank: No

What We Liked

  • The price is lower than most other solar backpacks
  • There is a lot of storage for the money

What We Didn’t Like

  • The look of the bag is not for everyday use
  • No power bank included

The ECEEN hiking solar powered backpack provides a lot for a low price.

This bag is great for outdoor adventurers who’re looking to charge their small electronic devices on the go.

This backpack has a large capacity, can charge any USB device, is waterproof, and has breathable mesh.

Since it can carry so much, it’s suitable for week-long trips.

ECEEN Hiking Backpack
ECEEN Hiking Backpack

Reviewer Opinions

Buyers have mixed reviews regarding the ECEEN hiking backpack. Some love it, and some are less than enthused.

The consensus is positive, and most are impressed with the wide range of features.

The most positive points of consideration for reviewers are the capacity of the bag and the ability to remove the solar panel.

Our experience was overall positive. The storage space is great, though we didn’t really need the space that this pack can hold.

That said, if you’ll be carying a lot of devices, this is a well-rounded option to consider.

Features & Considerations

The ECEEN hiking backpack is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. The bag comes equipped with all the essentials of an ordinary backpacking pack.

It includes a detachable 6.5W solar panel that can charge your devices quickly and efficiently.

The solar panel can easily be removed so that you can leave your panels in full sun at camp and charge your devices at night.

The 10W monocrystalline solar panels have a 22% efficiency rating. The backpack also comes with a V5 input for charging devices.

Depending on the amount of sunlight available, the pack can easily charge various small devices.

The backpack is designed for long-term comfort. It can fold into its own pocket for storage and unfold when needed.

BONUS: It includes breathable mesh shoulder straps with sponge padding to relieve stress from your shoulders.

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4. Best For Athletes: SolarGoPack Solar Powered Hydration Backpack

SolarGoPack Solar Powered Hydration Backpack

Product Ratings

Affordability 4/5
Solar Power Quality5/5
Backpack Quality4/5

Sizes: 10L | Watts: 7 | Brand: SolarGoPack | Power Bank: Yes

What We Liked

  • The included power bank
  • Includes a 1.8L hydration bladder pack
  • Good size for day hikes, running long distance, or biking

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not as much capacity as most backpacks

The SolarGoPack is great for day hikes and trips with its magic of a built-in 7W solar panel.

The solar panel provides just enough juice to power your smartphone or other small electronic devices.

This is great for those who love to venture off the beaten path or listen to music on long runs.

Reviewer Opinions

Reviewers are satisfied with their SolarGoPack Hydration Backpacks. They are impressed with the powerful battery that can charge smartphones quickly.

They are also pleased with the size.

One customer was so satisfied that she purchased an additional pack for herself and another one for a friend.

She claims that the high-quality pack is made with an eye for the details. 

The pack does not have as much capacity as others, so we recommend taking out the hydration bladder to increase interior holding capacity when needed. 

After our testing, we felt that this lightweight, sporty pack was suitable for single or couple travelers who don’t bring too many devices along.


The SolarGoPack is small and portable but has space to fit the essentials. At only 3 pounds, the bag is light enough for runners or cyclists to bring on an excursion.

The pack comes with a 1.8L hydration bladder, perfect for any mobile athlete.

With sport-quality PVC Fabric, the pack can withstand a variety of rugged environments. It’s waterproof and can protect your expensive electronic devices from the elements.

The bag comes in a bright blue or rust-red color.

The pack features a 7W solar panel with a 22% efficiency rating and protective voltage stability control.

The panel is hooked up to a 10,000 mAh battery and can provide enough power to charge a smartphone, iPod, or GPS device on the go. 

You can unbuckle the panel from the pack if you wish to leave the panel in the sun to charge or use your bag without it.

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Comparison Chart

ProductsBest OverallRunner-UpBest For Those on a BudgetBest For Athletes
Overall Rating4.4/54/54/54/5
Affordability 2/53/55/54/5
Solar Power Quality5/53/53/55/5
Backpack Quality5/55/53/54/5

The Winner

Our testing concluded that the Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack Charger is the best option on this list.

Although it may be the most expensive, it features everything you would want in a solar backpack.

It has space, a long charge time, is durable, and is waterproof.

How to Choose the Best Solar Backpack

Choosing the right solar power backpack for you may be a bit difficult. To make it easier, we feel you should consider how and why you’ll be using your backpack.

Cargo load and charging capabilities are some of the most important features to look at before purchasing.

What Will You Be Using Your Solar Backpack For?

What you’ll be using it for may determine the wattage of the solar panel, the size of the bag, the material and design, and the extra features.

Some common uses are traveling abroad, hiking, professional photography, commuting, and more.

For those using their bags to commute to work, touring a foreign city, or carrying books to class, a lightweight bag with a low wattage solar panel and anti-theft protection is perfect.

Having an external USB port is convenient for charging phones while walking around. Weatherproofing is ideal but not essential.

If you’re a professional photographer or digital nomad, you will want to get a backpack with plenty of space for equipment.

A clamshell bag design is great for this, and anti-theft protection can be an added touch of security when carrying expensive equipment around.

You’ll want a high-wattage solar panel to charge multiple devices at a time.

And for those looking to hike, camp, or prepare for an emergency, a durable bag with weatherproofing and a detachable high-wattage solar panel is perfect.

You’ll want a backpack with the highest quality solar panels and a backpack made from the best materials.

It’s better to spend more money on a top-tier model in this case.

What Devices Are You Planning To Charge?

Most buyers only want to charge small devices, like smartphones or iPods. Any backpack with a solar panel above 5W can reasonably accommodate small devices in full sun.

It will take a few hours longer to charge in cloudy conditions, so an external battery bank is essential for power storage when the light is dim.

Some backpacks come equipped with battery banks, which is good to consider.

You will want more power if you’re planning on charging high-capacity devices. A 10W panel is enough to charge a laptop, but it will take several hours.

These devices require adapters and power banks as they don’t charge via USB.

Most backpacks aren’t suitable for fully charging a laptop and are instead used for smaller devices.

There are few models and brands that can accommodate such power-hungry electronics, but they will cost upwards of $200.

Are You Getting A Backpack For Outdoor Activities?

You may need extra features such as suspension systems, hydration bladder, or waterproof fabrics.

Having a smaller backpack would be a better option, so you are not carrying as much on your back.

A small daypack will be the best option for those who are doing strenuous activities such as running or cycling.

These bags are lightweight, made with breathable mesh, and fit close to your body. Some come with hydration bladders and waterproofing.

If you plan on doing long-distance hiking or camping, you’ll need a large bag that can protect your devices from the elements. This may include waterproof material or built-in rain covers. 

Having a detachable solar panel is useful because you can tuck it away when you feel it may get damaged, or you can leave it out in the sun for charging.

What Size Solar Backpack Do You Need?

The interior of a backpack is measured in liters (L). This indicates the maximum volume of the bag or how much stuff you can reasonably fit into the bag.

Some companies factor in extra side pouches or compartments, while others calculate based on the bag’s dimensions.

A backpack usually ranges between 15-25L. It’s enough room to carry a laptop, some books, a water bottle, a few pieces of clothing, and other miscellaneous items.

Most buyers prefer this because it is practical and can carry enough.

Smaller backpacks range around 8-10L and can only handle small loads up to a few pounds. These are great for athletes, cyclists, or those on hiking excursions. 

Long-distance hiking backpacks range from 30-100L and can carry a large amount of equipment such as camping supplies.

If you’re planning on hiking for more than a few days, you’ll want a minimum of 60L capacity.

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